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How to identify the quality of machine-made carpets

quality of carpets

Here are some tips to identify the quality of machine-made carpets. First, look back to the elasticity: This mainly reflects the comfort of the carpet. The consumer can use the simple method to fold the carpet back to back to see if the underlay is exposed. Generally, the higher the density, the less likely it

How to distinguish between hand-made carpets and machine-made carpets

machine-made carpets

Here are some steps to distinguish between hand-made carpets and machine-made carpets First, look at the back of the carpet. The back of the hand-woven rug can clearly see the weaving buckles, which are not visible on the machine-woven carpet. Second, look at the pattern of the carpet. The pattern of the hand-made carpet is

How To Clean Wool Rugs Carpets

wool rugs

Clean wool rugs: wool rugs or carpets have many advantages, soft hand feel, good elasticity, bright color and thick texture, almost perfect. Now there is a question, can the wool rug or carpet be washed? The answer is no, how to clean the pure wool rug? What is the wool carpet cleaning method? Vacuuming: The

Corporate Responsibility and Animal-Friendly

animal friendly

Corporate responsibility and animal-friendly: All our fur-based products are obtained in a responsible and responsible manner. We do not use any animal raw materials obtained illegally, or are protected from any animal species in the world, nor are they tested on animals. In addition, we maintain communication with the Fur Free Alliance(an ecological conservation organization),

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