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Will Wool Rugs Stop Shedding

For wool rugs stop shedding, we need to know the Causes and solutions.  First, we need to know the causes: In the production of wool rugs, during the cutting process, part of the scattered wool fibers will be scattered on the rug. Although they are processed by the vacuum cleaner, there will still be some

Will Rugs Reduce Noise

For The Question: Will Rugs Reduce Noise. We discuss this issue from four aspects: material selection, pile height, weft density, and bottom pad. First, we recommend that you use wool carpets. Wool carpets have better sound absorption capabilities and can reduce various noises. In fact, carpets made of nylon and other chemical fiber materials are

10 tips for choosing carpet size

When it comes to buying carpets, it’s not the price, materials, and patterns that bothers most people, but what size carpet should be chosen. Today, we will introduce 10 tips for choosing carpet size. The front legs of the furniture are on the carpet and the hind legs are on the floor. Putting only the

Dirty and life analysis of carpet patterns

Today we will give some tips for carpet patterns when you choose the carpet. Dirty and life analysis of carpet patterns The pattern of the carpet will affect the effective service life of the carpet. For example, due to changes in texture, stains and stains, the appearance of plain or light-colored carpets changes faster than

Warmly Home Goods Selection Standard

Warmly Home goods selection has 5 standards. Materials are environmentally friendly and healthy, in line with national standards. The goods have an outstanding design concept. Match the tone of a simple life. Determine the lowest price based on the sustainable development of the company. The goods can be reused for a long time. All goods

What kind of carpet used in the cinema?

carpet used in the cinema

Many people have been to the cinema to watch movies. We all know that the theater’s walkway or the cinema hall is covered with a thin layer of the carpet. It is soft and comfortable, except for the comfort of the guests,does it has another function? And what kind of carpet used in the cinema?

Why Different Company Carpet Price Different

Why Different Company Carpet Price Different? How much it costs to lay carpets is a topic that everyone cares about. The same carpets cost only $30 or $40 for a square, while others offer $70 or $80. Today, we will analyze the factors affecting the price of carpets. What are the four factors that determine