Warmly Home News

Warmly Home News

Warmly Home News

  1. Update Price:
    The shipping cost has raised up more than one month, it does still not reduce yet, so we decide to update some goods price to make sure we can keep running our business.
    The goods will update price is:(SKU: ZS01, ZC01, SX01, 03, YG03, TC02, FD01), the price update not over 10%.
  2. Update Shipping Time:
    There are restrictions on what we can do in the warehouse, so the shipping time will delay around 10 days than before, it’s expected to last until September.
  3. Update Stock:
    The stock update will not in time, We do our best to keep our inventory accurate, and the timing of production arrival, but we still make some mistakes, and hope you understand the situation.

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