What’s the difference between handmade and mechanism rugs?

What's the difference between handmade and mechanism rugs?

Today we will talk about the difference between handmade and mechanism rugs

First, look at the back of the rug.

If you are a rug connoisseur, the first thing to look at when you see a rug is not the front of the rug, but the back of the rug. Handmade rugs are woven by a weaver sitting in front of such a loom a little bit, and the way the weaver weaves the rug is called hand-knotting. So if you look over the back of a handmade rug, they all have a knot next to each other that makes up the back of the rug. The back of the mechanism rug also has a few knots, but if you look closely, you will see that the knots of the mechanism rug are not next to each other. Of course, that’s not the most important thing, the most important thing is that the back of the handmade rug is very clear, exactly like the front, and seeing the rug The back of the rug can clearly tell the pattern of the front of the rug, while the back of the mechanism of the carpet pattern is very unclear, from the back of the carpet can not be seen the rug patterns on the front.

Second, look at the tassels.

Handmade rugs usually have tassels on both sides because they have warp threads that are hung on the loom before weaving, and the tassels are actually the edge of the rug! Set aside for the finishing warp. The tassels on a handmade rug can be removed if you don’t want them, but instead of cutting them, they are sewn to the back of the rug so that they don’t show. Mechanism rugs usually don’t have tassels, and those that do are added on later.

Third, look at the edge of the rug.

If you look at the edges on the back of a handmade rug, you’ll see that the handmade rug hem is actually closed over the original warp, which also needs to be hand-finished, we call it wrapping, usually, our handmade carpets will wrap 2-3 edges, it looks very delicate. On the other hand, the side of the rug is sewn by machine, and the back of the rug is not in one piece, so it is thicker and looks coarse.

Fourthly, look at the pattern of the rugs.

Simply speaking, the patterns of handmade rugs are more beautiful, natural, and three-dimensional. On the other hand, a mechanism rug imitates the pattern of a handmade rug, the transition is sharp, and the pattern looks delicate but not three-dimensional. The reason for this phenomenon is that the colors of the mechanism rug are limited, usually, less than 10 colors, while the colors of the handmade rug are usually less than 10 colors. There are ten to twenty kinds of rugs, and there is no limit, so the pattern effect of handmade rugs will be more dynamic than the mechanism rugs.

In addition, the price of handmade rugs is relatively higher than mechanism carpets, handmade rugs will be better than mechanism rugs raw materials. If you really can’t tell the difference when you are buying, you might as well ask the seller for help directly.

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