What is different between Carpet, Rug, Mat, and Pad?


Today we will try to explain the different between carpet, rug, mat and pad.

When we serch in internet for these words, expecial on business platform, there will show same picture or same article to us, sometimes will confuse us if there are all same, does it really need four words to show?

So we find many article and talk with many first language is english people, we have find some result.

Carpet: Normally is thicker then rug and mat, and the soft floor covering, cover for whole room.

Rug: It is also a soft floor covering, but it is small than carpet, rug can pick up and easy move, as usual used for living room and bedroom.

Mat: It is made by plastic and used for indoor and outdoor, so it is also called doormat as usual.

Pad: It is a flat piece/object used for putting things on top, it is not only same function as a rug or mat, but also will like table cloth or some other object.

That is the different for these four words, welcome to leave us message to tell us more different for these items.

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