How To Choose The Right Rugs For Your Home

Choose Right Rug

Here are some tips to help you choose the right rugs when you want to purchase rugs for your home.

  1. According to the function of the room, different functions of the room, and the selection of the rug is different. For example, if you want to have a warm atmosphere bedroom, you should pay attention to the texture of the carpet. You can lay a warm rug to make the bedroom warm and romantic. The living room is the place to receive guests. It will have many people come and go, it is necessary to choose a thick and wear-resistant rug, and it must conform to the overall decoration style of the room.
  2. Plan the rugs laying area and reduce waste. The rugs in the bedroom do not need to be too large. Sometimes you just need to put a small piece on the edge of the bed to prevent the feet from coming out of the warm bed and directly touching the cold ground. It is the biggest use of rugs in the bedroom. Because the restaurant usually places tables and chairs for dining, the chair is placed under the table when the meal is not taken, and the chair is pulled out when the meal is taken, so the size of the rug should take into consideration the chair that is pulled out. The rug is placed at the door. Generally, a small-sized doormat or footpad should be laid, which not only beautifies the home but also has the effect of household cleaning. If the living room is not large, you should choose a rug that is slightly larger than the coffee table.
  3. Pay attention to the back of the rugs, and avoid spending more time on the rugs. Some of the backs of the rugs are too rough to handle, and the ground may scratch the ground. It is recommended to buy a cotton or canvas rug. Otherwise, if you buy a rug and scrape the floor tiles of your home, it is really a big loss!
  4. Identify the quality of the rug, avoid the selection of unqualified rugs. First of all, to understand the material, the easiest way is to take a few pieces of wool from the rug, after ignition, identify the material of the rug according to the burning situation and the smell emitted. Method: Repeat the friction to check the colorfastness. After rubbing, look at whether the palm and paper towels are stained. The staining is serious, indicating that the color fastness is not good. The rug label, pay attention to whether there is dust, anti-fouling and abrasion resistance provided by the factory. Loss, static control, etc.
  5. When choosing a rug and matching the rug, don’t like it because of the rug color. If you buy it back and the style is not suitable, the rug can’t be used, resulting in waste. Therefore, when buying a rug, you must consider the decoration style of the house and choose the right rug. Selection method: The main color in the living room is used as the color component of the rug so that the selection is simple and accurate. After ensuring the uniformity of color, the final is to determine the pattern and style. This will not be wasted because of inconsistent styles.

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If you have any question for choosing the right rugs or if you need our support for rugs, please feel free to contact us.

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