What are the types of machine woven carpets?

machine woven carpets

Today Warmly Home will describe the types of weaving and techniques commonly used in several types of machine woven carpets.

Axminster Carpets

Axminster carpets are a type of woven carpet, so named because the production process originated in the Axminster region of England.

Axminster is based on the knotting method of Oriental carpets, in which the pile yarns are first to cut into lengths by mechanical means and then fixed by the weft yarns in the shape of “u” or “j” between the layers of warp yarns. The backside of the rug does not trap the sinker. Axminster only has cut-pile and not loop pile.

Size of Axminster carpet: 7 x 7, 7 x 8, 7 x 9, 7 x 10, 7 x 11, 7 x 12, the constant “7” refers to the warp density – 7 needles per inch inside the carpet, “7-12” refers to the weft density – 7-12 rows of carpet per inch inside the carpet, the normal range of pile height is 7 mm-12 mm.

Wilton Carpet

Wilton carpet is a type of machine-woven carpet, so named because the production process originated in the Wilton region of England. Wilton carpets are generally made by interweaving the warp, weft and pile yarns, and then finishing them with the finishing procedures such as gluing and pile cutting.

Wilton carpets are divided into two types depending on the machine.

  1. Single-sided Wilton carpet: It has good appearance retention, stable carpet shape, no hair loss, and excellent flame retardant and anti-static properties due to its special raw materials. In addition, it is very suitable for use in high-class yachts, passenger ships, and high-class hotels.
  2. Double-sided Wilton carpet: This model originated in Belgium. The characteristics of this machine are: the fabric is full, the structure is tight, the pile yarn gram weight is high, and the loom is double-layered so the production efficiency is relatively fast.

Specifications of double-sided Wilton carpet: 420, 550, 800 weft, etc.

Printed Carpet

Printed carpet is a carpet with patterns printed on the base carpet by ink-jet technology. The principle of production is similar to that of a large color inkjet printer, which is controlled by an electronic system that ejects the color paste onto the surface of the carpet, thus forming various patterns on the carpet.

The most obvious advantages are short production cycle, high efficiency, and strengthen resilience. The common specifications are 500g, 800g, 1000g, 1200g, and so on.

The material of printed carpet is mainly nylon and polyester.

Machine Tufted Carpet

The mechanism of tufted carpet is to use the row of needle mechanical planting pile on the backing of the chemical fiber fabric to form the loop pile or cut pile carpet mechanism of the carpet surface.

The combination of loop pile, cut pile and loop cut pile has the advantages of a lightweight, wear resistance, comfortable foot feeling, elasticity, lightness of step and easy laying, etc. It is also stain and insect resistant. It is also stain and insect resistant.

Square Carpet

Square carpet is a paving material backed with tufted carpet made of elastic, composite materials and cut into (square) squares.

Piece carpet is precise, dimensionally stable, and tightly joined, allowing for the optimal overall appearance of the patchwork carpet to be assembled in different color patterns.

Pitch dyed carpet

Piece dyeing is the dyeing of the carpet after it has been weaved

After the carpet has been woven, it is fed onto a rotating wheel and the ends of the carpet are sewn together. The rotating wheel drives the carpet in and out of a large, heated dye vat. When the dye has been fully absorbed, the carpet is dried and prepared for the backing. This was the first inexpensive dyeing technique used in the carpet industry, and after the dyeing process, the carpet has a good and uniform color, and the phenomenon of pinching strips is eliminated.

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