How to identify the quality of machine-made carpets

Here are some tips to identify the quality of machine-made carpets.

First, look back to the elasticity: This mainly reflects the comfort of the carpet. The consumer can use the simple method to fold the carpet back to back to see if the underlay is exposed. Generally, the higher the density, the less likely it is to expose the underlay. The greater the density, the better the elasticity and the more durable it is.

Second, look at the color fastness: rub the carpet repeatedly with the palm of your hand or wipe the carpet with a wet paper to see if the palm and paper towels are stained. The staining is serious, indicating that the color fastness is not good.

Third, According to the different occasions of laying, choose carpets with different production techniques. Frequently stepping on places, such as corridor carpets, you should choose a wear-resistant loop pile carpet, while a thin pile of cut pile carpet will cause pattern changes and pile lodging.

Fourth, the same process or the same raw materials, the carpet with a higher knot density (number of tracks / feet or knots / square meters), or a carpet with a larger pile weight (g / square meter), its function, The price is also higher.

Fifth, the same pile material, different yarn processing, such as ply-twisted yarn, textured yarn, and filament yarn with other yarns, the price is higher than the carpet made of ordinary filament.

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