How to Repair Carpets

How to repair carpets when you accidentally scratch it when moving furniture?

Here are the suggestion for you:

  1. Use a razor to shave up the hairs next to it, apply glue (latex or glue) in the area to be repaired, and then shave down the hairs can be glued on.
  2. If the hole is the whole through the blanket, put a layer of cloth on the bottom, then follow the first suggestion.
  3. If it is cracked, use the needle to find the same color thread to knit the rug. The carpet is the same as the rug. Plastic carpets are coated with a thin PVC glue universal glue, and then on the reverse side of the carpet coated with universal glue, after the glue dries, on the reverse can be glued.
  4. If the hole is broken. If the hole is small, just cut a small piece from the corner to repair it, knit the cloth, and glue the glue. If the hole is big, go to the place that sells the rug and ask for a small piece or buy a small piece of the same color and come back and fix it. If it’s too big, cut the piece all the way off and cut the square, patch another piece, glue the back and you’re done.

The reverse side of the carpet should be sanded clean. The kind you use to mend your shoes is a universal adhesive. The carpet is flat and under vertical pressure, and the down-glue only acts as a fixation. Just don’t let it slide. The adhesive should be scraped on both sides and pressed on the hand so that it does not feel sticky to the hand. Then put it over and just stomp a few feet hard.

  1. Other repair carpets suggestions:
    1. Some long threads are often found on new carpets, these loose threads should not be pulled out of the carpet hard, but should be cut to make it flush with other piles.
    2. For carpets damaged by cigarette burns, carefully cut off the charred end of the tufting to cover it up, and then wipe it with a soap-free cleanser and water with a sponge.
    3. For carpets with a very short pile, sometimes sandpaper can be used to wipe the carpet to eliminate the burn marks.
    4. Serious burns should be replaced by partial repair, first of all, the material should be strictly selected, as far as possible, the same as the repair carpet, the mending position should pay attention to the reverse direction of the carpet wool, so as to prevent the reflection of inconsistent, resulting in the feeling of the scar.
    5. The dent of the carpet after the furniture is placed, the dent can be gently ironed back and forth with a steam iron, and then the pile after ironing is brushed with a brush to make the dent disappear.

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