12 Creative Rug Ideas for Living Room

This article will introduce 12 rug ideas for living room that can help you enhance your living room décor.

Living room rugs play a big part in the importance of all types of home styles.

As we all know, if there is only one element that can be added to enhance a space, then a rug is a good choice. A good rug can be designed in various color combinations, adding patterns in neutral tones or softening the hard edges of the décor in a room with a modern style, all of which are good space coordinators.

There are 5 things to consider first when choosing a living room rug.
Size: Make sure the rug fits the layout of your space.
Color: A rug with more than two main color effects is the best.
Comfort: The comfort of the rug under the foot is important.
Maintenance: consider rug cleaning and maintenance is easy.
Style: The color that fits the most style is more important than the pattern.

When you choose new rug ideas for living room, you can determine the right area by taking measurements.

Most interior designers recommend using a large rug in the living room and using a table, chairs, or sofa to anchor it. The rug design is versatile, and you can mix your favorite rug with any style as long as the color is right.

The following are 12 rug ideas for living room recommended for use.

Create a coastal atmosphere of the dreamy blue rug

If you like the atmosphere of the seaside, creating a coastal or Mediterranean style living room through the rug is very easy. You can choose a rug with ocean blue, light beige, gray or beige, or a soft line pattern, similar to the following geometric pattern rug style, you can make your living room with a coastal atmosphere Oh!

Rug Ideas
Round Beach Carpet Blue White Ocean Theme Design Rug

Bohemian rug with pink

If your interior wants to have a little bohemian or Latin style feeling but hopes that the visual is too bright and strong, you can choose some saturation and higher color rug. Such a bright rug on the floor in addition to easy to make people pay attention to, but not too much occupy the interior is the role of tone.

Rug Ideas for Living Room
Tribal Rug Vintage Oriental Traditional Boho Style Area Turkish Carpet

With a mid-century texture of vintage style

Now many people like the American vintage style with the lines and traditional colors, these designs in the past mid-century furniture and decorative design is also very common. In most vintage style decoration, will use to add bright colors or simple texture color rug to do the design embellishment performance, is also an ideal way to extend the color scheme, so in addition to color, selection rug can look for bold patterns for visual presentation.

rug ideas for living room
Vintage Area Rugs Persian Oriental Antique Style Design Carpet

Tropical southern style rug makes the space more lively

If you want to bring a sense of Southern design to your living room, but do not want too much decoration, you can try to use a pattern and color bold rug. Most of the bright colors and conspicuous patterns used on the sofa or chairs will make the overall space too visually cluttered, but on the floor, it is just right and can be used as a visual focal point. The tone of the rug can be selected from pillows or artwork in order to create a sense of the whole.

Plant Rug
Green Plant Rug Brilliant Botanical Tropical Leaf Area Carpets for Indoor Outdoor

Use the rug to balance the room and living room style

If you like open space design, the most common is to combine the dining room and living room to form a comfortable and open space pattern, then the challenge is to find the elements that can integrate the two spaces but at the same time give a unique presence to each. This is where the rug is the perfect connecting element, creating a unified and unique look for the space. The easiest way to bring two spaces together is to use the color scheme, by choosing a color to match the rug, or choosing a different pattern, stripe, etc. in the same color, you can use such similar elements to make a space connection.

Colorful Area Rugs
Colorful Area Rugs Abstract Art Deco Maxsoft Multicolor Carpet in Living Room

Natural rug to create natural layers

If your décor is minimalist or planned with natural materials, you can find this natural material rug to match or add it as a trendy piece to the living room for decoration, which is a good choice and will give the space a soft feeling.

brown jute rug
Brown Jute Rug Natural Fiber Handwoven Braided Accent Area Carpet

Soft light gold can balance the metal elements in the living room

The gold we are talking about here is not the gold of the earth! It is soft light gold with beige, this kind of plush rug with gold is very much like reeds, gold with neutral gray. This light gold combined with the soft material can make the space with metal decoration look more coordinated!

gold rug
Gold Rug Modern Design Area Grey Carpet for Living Room

Use the rug to enhance the space immediately

If you are a renter and want to keep your rented space simple and quality, then choose a bohemian style with velvet sofa to double the quality, if the floor is equipped with wood flooring will be more sense!

Warped Rug
Green Warped Rug Abstract Checkered Area Carpets Living Room Decor

The use of traditional rugs to create a modern artistic design

Sometimes a single style will make people feel easily bored, or out of fashion. To solve this problem can try to see the combination of old and new ways, such as in the modern style with a little country or traditional style elements in it. The following photo is a style that foreign countries love to use, in the modern style of interior design to add the country style will have a fireplace, wood, and so on. Then the rug can also be one of the contrasting elements of the design, you can choose a more vintage style rug to do with, of course, the color and pattern or according to your décor to choose better coordination, not too abrupt so that the mix not only does not match nor obsolete but also gives people a bright feeling.

Oriental Rugs
Traditional Persian Oriental Rugs Floral Pattern Vintage Red

Black and white rug to create personal characteristics

If you like to use soft furnishings to present the style, want to make the space more tense and personality, but do not want too many color blocks to appear too lively, you can choose a simple black and white pattern rug to do the layout, and black and white are neutral colors, in the Scandinavian and modern style can be used, the contrast will bring a strong sense of character.

Geometric White And Black Rug
Geometric White And Black Rug Modern Design Carpet for Living Room

Rug with the perfect combination of thread and weave

There is a kind of rug that is not only cultural but also very connotative, and this kind of hand-knitted rug can often be seen in Turkey and Nepal. This kind of hand-woven rug is also called IKAT, which means “bundle, knot, wrap”. These traditional woven fabrics with beautiful patterns and natural colors are not cheap and can be very tasteful when matched with interior design and decoration.

Herringbone Rug

Herringbone Rug Handknotted Wool Dark Grey Tassel Carpet

Style and comfort of the polished rug

The rug or short wool rug not only looks good with texture, but also has a great help in sound absorption effect, and is very suitable to match with bohemian, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, and other decorative styles with a sense of natural elements, not only people like it but also pets love it!

Shag Carpet
Beige White Shag Carpet Thickness Cozy Fluffy Shaggy Area Rug

These 12 rug ideas for living room are just the tip of the iceberg, if you have good suggestions and solutions for rug ideas for living room, please let us know.

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