4 Pictures Show What Size Rug for Living Room

What size rug for living room? There is actually no single answer. Floor area, furniture size, room type, size, and shape all affect the size of a rug, and choosing the right size is as important as finding the right color and pattern. Today we will talk about how to choose the ideal size rug for living room.

4 Pictures Show What Size Rug for Living Room?

Small Living Room

If the living room has a small space and most of the furniture is arranged along the walls, the rug is best placed in the center of the room. Place the rug under the coffee table, with the sofa surrounding the rug but not pressing it, ensuring that your feet can rest on the rug when you sit down. This arrangement is ideal for small spaces.

Size Rug for Living Room

Medium-sized Living Room

In a medium-sized living room, if your furniture is placed against a wall, make sure the rug is pressed under the front legs of the living room furniture (such as a sofa or chair) and the back legs of the sofa can leave the rug. This approach creates a good sense of proportion in the space.

Size Rug for Living Room

Large Living Room

In larger living rooms, some furniture can be placed entirely on the rug and some can be placed on the front legs only. For example, the front legs of a chair can be placed on the rug, while all four legs of a sofa can be placed on the rug. Also, make sure there is at least a 20-inch distance between the edge of the rug and the wall of the room.

Size Rug for Living Room

Extra-large Living Room

In the extra-large living room, the rug should be large enough to place all the furniture on the rug. This way the furniture seems to float on the rug and makes the living room space look bigger. This method still works in open spaces, and in most cases, the larger the rug, the larger the room will look.

Size Rug for Living Room

Finally, remember to measure the size of the rug you want to lay, before discussing the rug size with your rug supplier or designer, and preferably take a photo of the rug for their reference. All these rules can help you to determine what size rug for living room. Of course, if you have your own ideas, you can completely according to their own feelings in the living room rug, do not have to adhere to any rules, because the rug itself is to make the home warmer so that you live more comfortable.

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