Why Different Company Carpet Price Different

Why Different Company Carpet Price Different? How much it costs to lay carpets is a topic that everyone cares about. The same carpets cost only $30 or $40 for a square, while others offer $70 or $80.
Today, we will analyze the factors affecting the price of carpets.

What are the four factors that determine the price of a carpet?

1, Material price is the basis

First of all, the carpet price is related to the materials selected by decoration households. The materials that are far away or relatively rare are naturally more expensive than the local or common materials. Secondly, the quality of the materials themselves is strong. The aging period is relatively expensive, on the contrary, it is relatively cheap; again, the brand and reputable products are more expensive than the materials of the unnamed small factory.

2, Different processes, different prices

The construction team’s process refers to the construction level and production level of the construction personnel. In the case of the same materials, the craftsmanship of workers is a very important factor. It directly affects the final effect of carpet paving. Even if it encounters carpet public promotion, discounts, construction techniques, and construction techniques can not be discounted. Good craftsmanship, well-trained construction workers are naturally higher, and vice versa, so in the face of price, you should ask the level and grade of construction workers. In addition, it is also determined by the time of the work, and the longer the working hours, the higher the price.

3, Construction management affects the price

Large-scale carpet manufacturers will also have strict management of construction and construction and excellent construction management personnel. Without a good construction manager in a project, even with good materials and good construction workers, there is no possibility of high-quality engineering. The construction process itself is a complicated process. There are many types of work involved in the decoration, and the cross-operation of each type of work, the sequence of the processes is crucial to ensure the quality of the construction. The costs incurred by the carpet company management are naturally reflected in the user’s decoration price, so construction management also affects the price.

4, The company’s size affects the price

Excellent carpet manufacturers must have a fairly high qualification and a certain scale. The structure of various departments is relatively complete. The pre-sale, sale and after-sales services are closely combined and require certain expenses. These costs will naturally be reflected in the price. The scale of the “decorative guerrillas” cannot be discussed. They are both bosses, designers, budgetary, construction management, materials procurement, construction workers, finding a few fellow villagers, a car, and a few hammers. The saw started, the price was naturally low, but the quality was not guaranteed.

The same carpet, different carpet companies offer different prices, and the resulting results will be completely different. If you want to be satisfied, you have to choose a better carpet company!

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