Will Rugs Reduce Noise

For The Question: Will Rugs Reduce Noise.

We discuss this issue from four aspects: material selection, pile height, weft density, and bottom pad.

  1. First, we recommend that you use wool carpets. Wool carpets have better sound absorption capabilities and can reduce various noises. In fact, carpets made of nylon and other chemical fiber materials are not impossible, but wool is a natural organic material, which can give people a more natural and comfortable feeling.
  2. Secondly, in terms of velvet height, it is recommended that you replace the higher one, because such a carpet feels better. The highest bedroom rug we ever made was 14mm.
  3. The high pile height means that the inserted wool needs to be used, so the cost will increase, so you can choose a smaller weft density to spread the place. The small weft density is relative to the corridor, living room and other areas. Due to the high traffic density in these areas, the carpet needs to have a relatively good anti-backing performance, which needs to penetrate the weft density, and the bedroom carpet is not used as often. High, can still maintain very good elasticity through continuous.
  4. of course, the bottom pad must also be thicker, just like the velvet height, in order to obtain a comfortable foot feel.

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