How To Choose A Rug Color (2022 Version)

Sofa Carpet

Rug color, seemingly insignificant soft decorations, often in home life plays a role in the finishing touch, covering the shortcomings while increasing the temperature of the interior space. Of course, different home styles, different furniture colors, and the matching rug color should also be different. Now from three aspects to briefly explain the rug color

6 minimalist style rug recommend in 2022

Sage Grey Rug

Minimalist style rug has now become a must-have item for home design. Rug with personality can bring the ultimate feeling experience to the home. The most important thing is that the rug is a versatile home decoration, no matter what kind of rug can be matched with any home, and bring a different viewing effect.

5 Different Style Carpet Patterns

Carpet patterns play a very important role in the formation of the overall style. Throughout history, different regions and different periods have their own unique pattern types. These patterns reflect the local customs, cultural deposits, aesthetic interests and other aspects of the time, constituting what people usually call pattern style.There are many ways to classify

How To Clean Shaggy Rug (4 Methods)

Grass Carpet

Clean shaggy rug commonly used methods are as follows:Dry cleaning and water cleaning are the two main ways how to clean shaggy rug. These two ways of cleaning can be chosen according to your actual situation. Generally speaking, you need to use professional equipment ground brush. Water Cleaning Regarding the cleaning agent in water washing,

8 Rug Style Trends in 2021 will popular

8 rug style trends

As an important item in interior decoration, the rug not only provides a warm and soft touch but also enriches the color and texture of the room and enhances the visual effect. Let’s take a look at the top 8 rug style trends in design today and choose the right décor option for your home.

What kind of carpet used in the cinema?

carpet used in the cinema

Many people have been to the cinema to watch movies. We all know that the theater’s walkway or the cinema hall is covered with a thin layer of carpet. It is soft and comfortable, except for the comfort of the guests,does it has another function? And what kind of carpet used in the cinema? Today,

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