What kind of carpet used in the cinema?

carpet used in the cinema

Many people have been to the cinema to watch movies. We all know that the theater’s walkway or the cinema hall is covered with a thin layer of the carpet. It is soft and comfortable, except for the comfort of the guests,does it has another function? And what kind of carpet used in the cinema?

Today, let us explore this issue.

The carpets in the cinema are generally made of nylon or wool carpet. The professional term is Axminster carpet or nylon printed carpet, both of which can meet the requirements of fire retardant.


  1. The shape, pattern and installation time are short, which can create an atmosphere and a vigorous atmosphere for the theater.
  2. To prevent a large amount of dust floating, affecting the life of the screen.
  3. Since the surface of the carpet is a dense pile structure, it has a strong dust-collecting ability. This aspect relatively reduces the amount of dust in the air.
  4. In order to weaken the echo.
    1. Cinemas are generally dominated by sound absorption, thus controlling reverberation time. Try to isolate the various sounds or noises from the outdoors, and there should be no unrelated noises in the room, so as not to interfere with the sound reproduction effect, and ensure that the viewers are fully absorbed in the movie.
    2. If the film needs sound insulation, it is generally soundproofed between the cinema and the cinema, and it can be soundproof or acoustic. In acoustics, objects with a sound absorption coefficient above 0.2 are considered to be sound absorbers, and carpets can absorb certain echoes.
    3. Cinemas generally use commercial sound-absorbing carpets. With their tightly ventilated structure, they can absorb and isolate sound waves and have good sound insulation.

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